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Our trams are safe! All manufacturing meets or exceeds all national ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) incline elevator safety codes. All control panels are UL® listed (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.®), ASME code compliant and are encased in a UL® listed waterproof enclosure with surge protection.

Motor Controlled

Variable speed soft start/stop motor control package for smooth, quiet operation. AC drive system with 3hp/5hp traction drive providing soft starts and stops. Dual cables using 5/16th galvanized aircraft cable, each with a 9800lb breaking strength. Hard wired push button controls for landings with on-board controls in the car.


A site visit is done to determine the specific needs of your hillside. Measurements are taken; a string line is run to determine the length of track needed, the degree of the hill, and to identify areas that may have high and/or low points. The support system is determined based on the soil conditions of each site. Installation of a new hillside tram system takes approximately 3-5 days and is done by experienced, licensed technicians.

Service and Repair

Annual maintenance is recommended to ensure your tram system is kept in good running condition. We inspect the safeties, cables, track stability, cable tension, electrical components, etc. ensuring the tram operates properly and safely.
Vertical Options takes pride in responding promptly to service calls. We will help troubleshoot over the phone, obtain necessary parts and take the time to explain/educate you about your tram system. We offer 24/7 service with technicians that can respond to any emergency after hours.

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What our Customers Say


A. A lift allows you to safely enjoy your waterfront property without the inconvenience of climbing stairs. It enhances your property as well as the value. You have access to the lake or river in your own unique setting.

A. The car is mounted with nylon rollers that follow the track system similar to a roller coaster. In addition to the rollers to guide the car and keep it from coming off of the track, class A safeties are installed on the car to stop it firmly on the rails should a cable break.
A. The lift does stop automatically when it gets to a landing.
A. Yes. The car is big enough to accommodate a wheelchair and another person to assist.

A. If the cables were to break, the class A safeties would immediately deploy and lock onto the track bringing the car to a stop. Additionally, our tram systems are equipped with an overspeed governor to activate the safeties should the car run down too fast.

A. We do not provide packages for self-installation. Skilled, knowledgeable installers are a must for safe, reliable install. Also, many jurisdictions require trams to be installed by State licensed elevator technicians.

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